Artificial Bridal Bouquets

As opposed to fresh flowers that die after a couple of days, artifical flowers primarily have the benefits of lasting forever. Hence are keepsake bouquets. Artificial flowers can be order as early as a year in advance and will stay as they are for life.. Pre-ordering also avoids any hiccups on the big day that may occur with fresh flowers I.e anticipating arrival of flowers, late deliveries, bouquets not meeting up to first impression expectations etc. Artificial flowers are always available.However fresh flowers are seasonal and are not available all year round.

Artificial Roses can be sprayed colours such as antic gold which is a very popular colour amongst asian brides. Hence we provide a service where we handcraft bouquets to perfectly compliment our brides outfits. A lot of women and men have allergies to fresh flowers, however with artificial this is never the case.

Fresh flowers can often be very dainty and delicate and require extra care when handling, however with artifical bouquet, arrangment are very tight and very secure.

Often brides assume crystals bouquets using artifical flowers are too expensive, however prices are just as competitive as fresh flowers. with our artificial bridal bouquets starting from 75 and bridesmaid bouquets starting from as little as 25

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