Keepsake Bridal Bouquets

As a company we understand the importance of memorabilia for our brides. Blossoming Gem bouquets are all keepsake floral arrangements, which allow our brides to treasure one of the most important days of their lives.

Keepsake bouquet will remain the same shape, colour and texture from the day the bouquet is purchased, till 25 years later when you’re recalling the memory of that ever to special day. Our bridal bouquet do not only become a keepsake memory for you, but also provide a memory for your children and grandchildren to come.

Blossoming Gem keepsake bouquets also have the advantage of coming in colours ranging from gold, to blacks, with Swarovski crystals also ranging in different colours. Unlike fresh arrangements that fall apart towards the end of the day, with often cheaper diamantes attached to them, Blossoming Gem bouquets are all handmade and neatly arranged in a fixed arrangement with the Swarovski crystals firmly attached.

This provides our brides with a sentimental valued arrangement to treasure all those wonderful memories.

Blossoming Gem are the providers to the Largest Fashion Magazine, for Spring, Summer and Autumn Asiana Wedding Edition 2010-2012

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