Swarovski Crystal Bridesmaid Bouquets

As well as our bridal bouquets, our swarovski crystal bridesmaid bouquets are also made bespoke as per each brides and bridesmaids specification. However currently on our website, we do have a generic range of bouquets, that most bridesmaid tends to go for.


Each bridesmaid swarovski crystal bridesmaid bouquet is made with the same high quality artificial roses and Swarovski crystals as our bridal bouquets.


Our keepsake swarovski crystal bridesmaidís bouquets are a great choice for those brides that like their bridesmaids to keep their bespoke bouquets and a way for their bridesmaids to cherish the day the bride got married, which often is one of the most happiest day of a brides life.

As soon as we have designed the bridal bouquet, we then spend time with our brides and bridesmaid to design the style and type of bouquet they would like to go for.

The great concept with these swarovski crystal bouquets is that they can be held by children as young as three, This being as the bouquets are tightly arranged, and shifting from side to side doesnít result in any petals falling off, or the stems coming apart.

We often advice bridesmaids to go for a bouquet design that contrasting the bridal bouquet, but using complimentary colours. For example if the bridal bouquet is full red, then go for a random arranged bouquet, of two colours (that are in the bridal outfit) in the bridesmaid bouquet, or vice versa.

If however the bridal outfit, is a different colour to the bridesmaid outfit, then we normally advice to match by one colour that is normally in both outfits for eg, the bridal outfit maybe red with gold embroidery, and the bridesmaid outfit maybe blue with gold embroidery, so go for a gold bouquet for the both bouquets, and just alter the crystals colours for each bouquet to match their outfit. Alternatively, you can just keep the crystal colour clear.

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